What do you need to do when the mattress arrives home?

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First of all, check if the product is accompanied by all the documentation: the fiscal invoice, the warranty certificate, the declaration of conformity, the conditions of use.

Then carefully remove the mattress protective sheets (without breaking them), the cardboard folded boards, and the cardboard plates on the mattress faces. Avoid cutting with the blade or cutter and keep them for 30 days if you decide to return the product.

To place the mattress in the bed box, carefully handle the product, make sure it does not force it. If the mattress is arched, the size has been erroneously ordered and should not be used in this way (the mattress will be damaged). From themattress store Fort WorthClearforkyou can get the perfect bit of information.

How to maintain the Family Mattress so as to ensure maximum life expectancy

  • The room should be ventilated two days at a time, so that its humidity is maintained between 40-60% (optimal for maintaining health) and the temperature between 20 and 30 degrees Celsius
  • It is recommended that the surface on which the mattress is placed should be a flat and durable (for spring mattresses) with vents for ventilation. For mattresses with foam, expert recommends shaving with lamellas, the maximum space between them is 4-5 cm
  • Use a mattress protection to avoid accelerating wear, while retains its technical qualities longer
  • Turn the mattress once every three months! East-West and North-South: Thus, the product will be uniformly worn over the entire surface. Keep in mind that each construction element is made of elastic materials: springs, felt, sponge, fabric etc
  • Avoid contacting the mattress with liquids; they destroy materials and favor multiplication of mites and the appearance of mold
  • You will not go up, do not skip, and do not bend the mattress! The product was designed to take the body mass horizontally, it is built so that the elastic core (either springs or sponge) takes the tension on the contact surface: from the head to the tibia. If you do not comply with these minimum rules, your product will deteriorate as soon as possible and the warranty does not cover damage
  • Memory foam mattresses (visco-elastic or memory sponges) are used exclusively with the face upwards. They only return to the East West. The girl with memory does not have to turn; it must be used as the contact surface

If you accidentally splashed the mattress, clean it locally with a damp cloth, without wiping it.