Your ideal mattress width and size and your Choice

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When you look for a new bed or mattress, the size of the range is overwhelming. First of all, you are faced with the choice between a box spring and a bedstead. When your choice is made you are already faced with the next choice, namely which bed to take large and mattress width. For the sake of convenience, we leave aside the choice in style and color. This can be taken for the length and width from a practical point of view if, for example, you don’t have more than 140 centimeters of space in your bedroom. However, if you have plenty of space in your bedroom, it is up to you to ask what you want and what you need. In this article we aim to help you facilitate this difficult choice.

The standard mattress width was set at 190 centimeters from 1960 onwards. However, since 1990 the standard bed length has been extended to 200 centimeters. The chances are that the bed in your bedroom has a mattress length of 200 centimeters. For the width of the bed, the minimum standard of 90 centimeters applies per 1990. For doubles and doubters, however, the large one is variable. In addition to single, double and queen beds, the bed world has many different terms for the size of a bed.

The length of your bed

For the length of your bed it is best to count at least fifteen centimeters at the length of the longest sleeper in the bed. This means that if you or your bed partner has a length of 1.80 meters the most suitable bed has a length of 200 centimeters. However, if you opt for a bed with an adjustable bed base, it is wise to opt for a length that is approximately 25 centimeters longer than the longest user of the bed.

The width of your bed

When you choose a standard double bed of 140 x 200 centimeter, a logical calculation states that the space in bed per person is about 70 centimeters. However, there is no easy calculation that you can use to determine the ideal width. This can depend on various factors. For example, you can have limited space in your bedroom and therefore opt for a smaller bed or opt for an extra-large bed for an extra piece of space in the bed.

So, take the above tips into consideration when choosing a new bed. Experts hope to provide you with more information at least when making the decision, but if you still have questions you can always contact professionals from mattress stores in Tucson by telephone or by mail.