This Is How You Choose the Perfect Mattress

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Optimal sleeping comfort starts with the right mattress, but how do you choose the perfect copy for your body? We give you some tips and factors that you have to take into account when selecting the copy that is written on your body. A good night’s sleep is essential for your health and quality of life, and a solid mattress forms the basis for a good night’s sleep. Increase your quality of life and a general sense of well-being and invest in a good mattress!

The right filling for your mattress

There are different types of mattresses. Polyether springs back to its original shape after compression, the cold foam is ideal for heavier people, memory foam for people with sensitive muscles and joints. Latex feels warm, and an air-sprung mattress is suitable for all slatted bases. Pocket spring supports the spine and the lower back well, and the inner suspension has a top layer for optimal pressure distribution of the body. Consider your own sleeping comfort: if you get warm quickly, pocket springs offer to cool. If, on the other hand, you often have ice-cold feet in bed, latex or foam is more suitable.

Optimal sleeping comfort starts with the right mattress, but how do you choose the perfect copy for your body?

A firm or soft mattress

Whether you choose the best for a soft or sturdy variant depends on your physique. Are you light and petite built, then you need smooth support and a soft mattress is ideal. Are you heavier or wider built, and then you probably benefit from a sturdier one. Make sure that the pressure on your shoulders and hips don’t become too great, that your back is adequately supported, and that your pelvis does not sag too deeply. Ideally, your head and spine form a nice S-curve, and the shoulder zone is softer than the waist zone.

Apersonalized mattress

The chance that you and your partner have the same preference is small. Just like the chance that you both are built the same: one may be heavier or wider than the other, and it may be that you prefer a soft mattress while your partner prefers a sturdier one, or vice versa. So choose your own preference. Do you not feel the separation in the middle? There are solutions: a zipper or wedge between the two, or a top coat on top.

The ideal mattress to your size

Don’t save on the choice of the perfect specimen. On average, we sleep about twenty-six years of our lives. Your height, body structure and sleeping position are decisive factors in that choice. Choose a copy that allows you to change your posture easily. Provide a mattress that ventilates sufficiently, so that the moisture that you lose at night can be sufficiently drained. A cover made of organic materials such as wool, silk or cotton reduces the moisture faster. Which mattress you think is best, is a personal issue. Test different mattresses in the Mattress Firm Lone Tree, and choose your favorite.