. How to choose the best mattresses

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Sleep is the physiological state through which the body recovers to resume its daily activities. The more you make the effort, the more you will appreciate your rest. And just as summer does not last for eternity, here we, the common people, sleep in bed on more or less good mattresses.

The problem is that many people have health problems and cannot choose any sleeping mattress. The fact that a mattress is cheap does not mean it will help us have a pleasant sleep, a relaxing sleep and the most important thing: rest. With amattress shop near meyou will be having the best options now.


4 signs that you need to change your mattress

  1. You cannot rest well
  2. You wake up with back pain, numb. One must also take into account that you do not make enough movement during the day
  3. The mattress has been deformed in the area where you sleep
  4. You have a mattress for over 10 years

How do you know how to choose one and what are the main criteria?

You need to know what types of mattresses you have on the market:

  • Spring mattresses
  • Sponge mattresses / foam memory
  • Crossover mattresses
  • Orthopedic mattresses
  • Water mattresses
  • Arched mattresses

The manufacturing technology has evolved a lot. Even very good models have appeared. Of course, the price increases with the technology. There are several criteria: Depending on the type of art, the number of turns or whether or not the springs are isolated.

Mattresses with foam

They are made of a material that has a very good elasticity. This foam is quite resistant in time and can hold a heavy weight. Of course, if you compare them to the ones on the springs, you will realize that those with foam are not so durable.

Advantages you find quite a lot:

  • The vertebral column will be “quiet”
  • You can move freely in bed because it adapts to the body
  • Are hypoallergenic (do not cause allergies)
  • Prices for such mattresses go from 300 dollars, depending on several criteria.

One particular feature is the memory foam mattress. They are made of visco-elastic material. They are made of a material that folds around the bodyand adapts to the shape of the body. They have been around for a few years, and the forums are not saying good things about their quality. Some would stick to the story that it’s about marketing, not quality.


From an expert point of view, the quality is visible for models that have natural materials: wool, horse hair, cotton or latex.